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Hey Pewdie by K-Koji
Scared Pewds by SweeDiePieJones
Five nights at Freddy's 4  - Pewdiepie edition by CKibe
Pewdiepie Plays PaRappa:Got the Got the Funky Flow by RobinTheBard
pewdiecry by s961330
Literature: Fan Fictions
Cry: Cryaotic
Change of Seasons by charly-d-squirrel
Cryaotic  by Emiore
Cry plays. by SweeDiePieJones
Cryaotic by Pokeshadow97
PewDieCry: PewDiePie x Cry
PewdieCry Cuddles by SofusGirl
PewDieCry: September by PrincePhantom
Cry's Crafts! (Stop Motion Animation) by Streamyyy
PewDieCry: I Couldn't Protect You [GIF] by PrincePhantom
Youtubers. by SweeDiePieJones
NOTICE ME SENPAI - wallpaper v4 by TheTinyTaco
BroKen Podcast: The Kenpi in the Wall by RobinTheBard
BroKen Podcast: Dark Sides by RobinTheBard
PewDiePie and CutiePieMarzia
CuDiePie / Melix + Speedpaint  by GaliCry
Marzia Doodle by Tough-girl-freed
CutiePieMarzia (update) by Ponygirl10
Pewds and Marzia does Random Stuff by GaliCry
Me Wearing My Cry Mask by FunGhoulGurl
PewdieCry cosplay: Wanna hit me?? by akira92414
C R Y A O T I C by Alivoir
PewDiePie's Original Characters
Hey Bros! Where's Stephano? by RobinTheBard
. Don't Reject Me . by Castel-Eown
I'll protect you by Castel-Eown
Piggeh by wuutt
PewDieCry Week: 2012
PewdieCry Week- Portal by Lunas-Lovegood
Comics and Doujinshis
Pewdiepie Plays The Evil Within: Too Real Bro by RobinTheBard
Five nights at Freddy's 4  - YOUTUBER edition by CKibe


Pewdiecry playn games by Kim-nami Pewdiecry playn games :iconkim-nami:Kim-nami 121 4 This way by DarkDragonTanis This way :icondarkdragontanis:DarkDragonTanis 577 61 in the rain by DarkDragonTanis in the rain :icondarkdragontanis:DarkDragonTanis 160 9 chibi cry 2 by DarkDragonTanis chibi cry 2 :icondarkdragontanis:DarkDragonTanis 60 0 chibi cry by DarkDragonTanis chibi cry :icondarkdragontanis:DarkDragonTanis 178 8 Cry Plays: Bioshock Infinite by DarkDragonTanis Cry Plays: Bioshock Infinite :icondarkdragontanis:DarkDragonTanis 247 26 The Cat Lady by DarkDragonTanis The Cat Lady :icondarkdragontanis:DarkDragonTanis 501 63 BroDay Everyday by yuikasahara BroDay Everyday :iconyuikasahara:yuikasahara 13 3 Saturday Night Live with Cry and Russ by yuyuhaio Saturday Night Live with Cry and Russ :iconyuyuhaio:yuyuhaio 264 72 Cry and Everybirdie by Hime-Takamura Cry and Everybirdie :iconhime-takamura:Hime-Takamura 417 32 PewdieCry-Snoozing by RuneYami PewdieCry-Snoozing :iconruneyami:RuneYami 6 0 Cry: Nervous Much? by harohero Cry: Nervous Much? :iconharohero:harohero 20 15 PRAISE THE SUUUUUUN ! by TheOnlyPixel PRAISE THE SUUUUUUN ! :icontheonlypixel:TheOnlyPixel 307 37
Square of School Friends Chapter 1
"Class, this is our new student" The teacher, Miss Naise said as she gestured to the small boy standing shyly at the front of the class. He looked up at the teacher and took her queue to introduce himself.
"Hello, My name is Felix" He said, still a bit shy with the whole class staring at him. "I come from Sweden, so English is my second language" He added. The teacher shook her head slightly. The dreaded mistake, telling someone where you are from. She was sure he would get teased for it now but hoped this occasion was an exception. "And this" He rummaged around in his bag for something, pulling it out with a small triumphant cheer. "Is my friend Stephano" He finished, holding out the object. It was a small golden statue, which shone marvellously in the light. Some of the kids "Ooooooo'd" as they saw it, admiring the shine. Miss Naise smiled and called attention to herself for a moment.
"Choose a seat Felix" She said, gesturing to the whole class. Several seats were vacant, all beckoni
:iconhinode-of-the-dawn:Hinode-Of-The-Dawn 26 33
Pewds and cry!!! by Abundant-Chaos Pewds and cry!!! :iconabundant-chaos:Abundant-Chaos 80 19 Cry lick Icon Request by RinShiami Cry lick Icon Request :iconrinshiami:RinShiami 123 79
Sup? :wave:
So... Who wants to save some lives? :iconyaypewdieplz:

If you haven't heard the news, our very own PewDiePie has started a campaign to help raise money for people in need of clean water!

Donate here ----->

Here's the video ------>…

Share the video because for every 500 views, he donates $1 to charity. So basically you're helping just by watching the video. Let's make him broke, guys! :dummy:

Goal: $250,000
Ends on Oct. 12

If everyone pitches in a couple bucks, we'll go past that mark in no time!

Stay awesome!
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Welcome to the group! <(^-^)>

Hello, bros, and welcome to the PewDieCry group! This group is dedicated to two of the great YouTube Let's Play gamers.

Here is a little something about them, if you are not familiar with them. :aww:

:bulletred: PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is a Swedish video-gamer who plays horror games and records his reactions through audio and webcam recording. PewDie opened his YouTube profile on the 29th of April 2010 and has a good amount of popularity with over 1,200,000 subscribers, or 'Bros' as he calls them, and counting. He has multiple series going on, focusing mostly on the horror genre. Felix currently has three YouTube accounts: PewDiePie as his main channel, PewpewpewPewdie, for his old Vlogs, and Pewdie, his secondary channel where he uploads episodes of 'Pewdie plays: Skyrim' and 'Pewdie plays: Little Big Planet 2 w/ Girlfriend!', although the channel is much less active, with very few uploads at all, currently inactive.

:bulletblue: PewDiePie makes Funny and Scary Montages occasionally to celebrate his video milestones and amount of subscribers. The montages consist of his favorite scary and funny moments of gaming through his previous videos, and adds captions to them (e.g. caption reads 'Yes it is' when he said 'It's not funny' in an Amnesia Let's Play entitled 'Amnesia made me cry'). He is/was (unknown) also a Machinima Respawn Director.

:bulletgreen: PewDiePie is also known for doing co-ops with Morfar, Xebaz and his most popular and current co-op, Cry. While doing a co-op with Cry, he let him to the outros and intros, therefore coming up with a new phrase "Bro day everyday".

Source: YouTube Wiki

YouTube: PewDiePie @ YouTube
Twitter: PewDiePie @ Twitter
Facebook: PewDiePie @ Facebook
Personal Blog: PewDiePie's personal blog
deviantART: PewDiePie @ deviantART

:bulletpurple: ChaoticMonki, more commonly referred to as Cryaotic or Cry, is an American let's player who plays indie games, horror games, co-ops with other YouTubers such as PewDiePie, and occasionally reads short stories. Cry has never revealed his face, to his viewers, but has revealed his location. Cry hosts a livestream every Saturday night/Sunday morning with friends Scott Jund, Russ Money, and The Dread Red at 11:00 p.m. EST on their website, Vidjah Gams.

:bulletpink: Cry's real name is Ryan. He is 24 years old and lives in Florida.

Source: YouTube Wiki

YouTube: ChaoticMonki
VidjahGams: ChaoticMonki @ VidjahGams
Twitch.TV: ChaoticMonki @ Livestream
deviantART: ChaoticMonki @ deviantART


Like every other group, PewDieCry also have a set of rules you guys need to follow!

:bulletred: Please, if you do not like them, do not bash PewDiePie or Cry. I will not tolerate such behaviour in this group.

:bulletblue: Please respect the other members. I don't want anyone fighting in this group.

:bulletgreen: Please refrain from fighting amongst each other. We're all bros here, okay? :aww:

:bulletpurple: When submitting fan arts/fan fictions, please submit in the correct folders, otherwise I will decline them. We'll talk about the different folders in this group later on.

:bulletpink: Your sketches must be clean and clear; I will not accept fan arts that are blurry and/or hard to see.

:bulletorange: Please keep everything rated G. Some members might be too young to see mature deviations. Make sure when you're submitting mature fan arts/fan fictions you've put some kind of warning in the deviation otherwise we're not accepting it.

:bulletyellow: Lastly, have fun! If you have any questions regarding this group, please either note the group or the founder, MaraudingSeveritus, and I will try my best to help you out!


Folder submissions

:bulletred: Featured: Closed folder, sorry. ^^;

:bulletblue: PewDiePie: Deviations concerning PewDiePie only.

:bulletpurple: Literature: Fan Fictions Written arts go here. Please refrain from submitting fan fictions that doesn't even have either PewDiePie or Cry, e.g. someone submitting a Kuroshitsuji, Ouran High School Host Club, et cetera, fan fiction in this group. I've seen this a couple of times before with the other groups and it irked me to find a deviation for another fandom in a group that doesn't have anything to do with them.

:bulletpink: Cry: Cryaotic Deviations concerning Cry only.

:bulletorange: PewDieCry: PewDiePie x Cry Fan arts for these two go here.

:bulletgreen: Group: Deviations with two or more other Let's Play! gamers/characters (e.g. PewDiePie's original characters) go here, as long as either PewDiePie or Cry is in it.

:bulletblack: PewDiePie and CutiePie: A folder for PewDiePie and his girlfriend, CutiePie. :aww:

:bulletyellow: Cosplay: Your cosplay pictures are submitted here. Yup. It's here just in case you people decide to cosplay them. XD

:bulletwhite: PewDiePie's Original Characters: Characters made by PewDiePie go here. :aww:

:bulletpink: Comics and Doujinshis: Your comics/doujinshis pertaining Cry and PewDiePie or one of them with the others go here.

:bulletpurple: Miscellaneous: Journal entries bearing information about Cry/PewDiePie/Fan Fiction updates (also known as author's note and such) go here.

Special thanks to SimpleSidewaysGlance for letting me use her artwork as this group's avatar. :aww:

Icon artworks MaraudingSeveritus and SimpleSidewaysGlance


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